Stunning--even shocking--new science blasts open the treasure chest of healing knowledge!

Is This The Biggest Medical Breakthrough Ever?

It's close to that. The material I want to share with you is at least as big a shake up as discovering that infectious diseases were caused by microbes; that anesthetics meant pain-free surgery; and that we could transplant vital organs.

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From the desk of Keith Scott-Mumby MD, PhD...

What has happened in just the last few years is certainly one of the most far-reaching and profound shifts in scientific medical opinion since the development of the germ theory of infectious diseases.

It engenders a whole new way at looking at how disease comes about, how genes work and the importance of inflammation in our defences and in the process of aging.

It emerges that our bowel is the real hotbed of inflammation, which affect systemic health in all our other organs and tissues. Literally, if the gut is “on fire”, then the whole body gets damaged.

Intestinal fire can underlie an amazing array of diseases, including allergies, autoimmune disease, diabetes, heart disease, mental illness, behavior disorder and a host of other conditions that medical science thought it understood.

More Than That

There's more... Much more!

The shocking new revelation is that the microbial denizens of our intestinal tract share their genes with us. Not only that but they outnumber our own “human genes” but a factor of hundreds. It's called the microbiome.

Now for the really scary thing: these microbes together encode up to about 10 million unique genes between them. Humans have only about 25,000 genes, give or take. That means were are out-gunned with genes to a factor of hundreds.

These genes affect the way our body obtains and uses nutrients, detoxes chemicals, deals with food, breaks down polysaccharides, metabolizes hormones and scores of other functions.

There, you missed it, didn’t you? I just described the most amazing medical/biological discovery of all time; the one that is so stunning it’s hard to believe! What is it? Read the next part of this sentence slowly and carefully: bacterial and other microbial genes from our guts tell our bodies how to behave, just like human genes do.

That’s remarkable. It is counter-intuitive and doesn’t seem right, in the natural order of things. You would think only human genes can tell a human body what to do. But it just ain’t so; so get used to it. Our little troop of hangers on and assistants have as much control over our bodies as our own DNA does (maybe more!)

Humans have emerged as a giant “super-organism” consisting of trillions of human cells, conjoined with over 100 trillion microbial cells and we function together as one unit, a unique ecosystem, which has been nicknamed “Planet Human” in recognition of its vast on-board population.

Another Brain!

If that’s not enough, it’s also about having a whole second brain in the guts, something so shocking and surprising, that most doctors and scientists are still reeling from its implications.

Our “second brain” has all the same neurotransmitters and just as many neurons as the spinal cord or peripheral nerves. In fact 95% of the body’s serotonin is found in this gut “brain”, which thus affects our moods, actions and performance.

It's almost unreal. I decided the best plan was to write you a book, so you can be abreast of what's going on. I decided I just had to call it... Fire In The Belly.

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"All diseases start in the intestines” (Hippocrates)

“The primary seat of insanity is the region of the stomach and intestines.” French psychiatrist Phillipe Pinel (1745- 1826), known as the father of modern psychiatry.

Did these guys know something we don’t recognize today? You bet. You may have heard another saying “death begins in the colon” and then thought it sounds crazy. But there is so much truth in the idea that gut health can kill you that you need to get wise to this.

Inflammation, the number one disease mechanism, that leads to aging and decay, is just like a fire: it’s hot, it consumes our tissues, it lays waste the body, just like a wildfire.

Almost all diseases of decay and aging are inflammatory in nature: diabetes, arthritis, heart attacks and stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, etc. are all inflammatory processes.

Even deadly cancer has strongly inflammatory aspects.

What is going on in your gut is of vital concern to you.

The Nature Of Inflammation

Inflammation (from the Latin inflammare, which means to set on fire), is a natural process of the immune system. It’s supposed to happen when pathogens strike; it’s our main defense against bacteria, parasites, viruses and toxins.

But when the cause of the problem isn’t resolved, as with a continuous toxic and unhealthy diet and lifestyle, or deeply hidden infections, then the inflammation becomes chronic. Instead of helping us fight off disease, inflammation becomes a deadly malignant process that relentlessly damages our tissues.

It’s almost irreversible. Chronic inflammation is very bad news. Ultimately, it will kill you before your time. It’s a kind of friendly fire, as the military call it (shooting your own troops by mistake).

And you know what? Most of the hostility centers around the digestive system.

Food allergy, in which I made my name internationally in the 1980s and 90s, is only a part of it. Today it’s so much more…

We now know there are innumerable genetic incompatibilities with foods in our diet. Everyone is different. So forget standardized diets, such as the Atkin’s diet, or even the blood-types diet and metabolic diet. None of these are necessarily right for you. Yes, they work sometimes but not consistently.

Even the healthiest diet makes some folks sick.

The thing is, I’m not even talking about so-called junk-food. Inflammatory foods are almost all good, plain whole foods; the sort of thing you would never suspect of causing potentially lethal damage.  We are so used to thinking of food as nourishing, most people are not aware of the damage that these foods can cause.

But if you are intolerant of carrots, lettuce, bananas, tomatoes or milk then even healthy, whole and organic versions of these foods will set up silent inflammation in your gut.

Silent Pathogens

But then there are many infectious pathogens that also add to the process of inflammation. Many of these are sneaky and live in our bodies, without setting off the immune system radar alarm. So they linger, undetected and unresolved. The body doesn’t throw them out, because it doesn’t know they are there.

But these “stealth pathogens”, as we call them, set up murderous chronic inflammation.

I’ll be telling you what to look for and how to fix it.


It’s not just foreign invaders that cause disease. We have trillions of bacteria and other organisms in our bodies, which are supposed to be there; they live with us and even do things for us like digest our food and create vitamins. They help keep out the bad germs.

Most of these “friendly” organisms are in our guts. In fact, if you took out the water and connective tissues from our bodies and from these intestinal organisms, we have the genetic equivalent of nine human beings in our gut!

It’s been called the “forgotten organ”. It’s even BIGGER than our bowel tissue.

So what happens when we mess it up by taking antibiotics and eating atrocious foods, that spoils our natural balance and allows bad germs to thrive? Big trouble, that’s what.

I’m talking about lots of inflammation down there in the dark and moisture of our guts. Calling it “friendly” fire is just a military joke: it’s deadly and very unfriendly indeed. Ultimately, it kills.

You need to put out that fire in the belly, urgently and permanently. I’ll be telling you how to do that in this life-saving book.

Abnormal Neurological Development

It’s no secret today that kids with disintegrative developmental disorder (autism) are plagued with bowel disturbances. Scientists are at last starting to make the connection I was writing about and teaching in the early 1980s. Fire in the Belly and brain disturbance go hand in hand.

Some of it is unquestionably food allergy and toxic heavy metals setting up riotous inflammation in their little bodies, including the brain. I was a world-class expert at this and, not for nothing, I earned the nickname of the “Number One Allergy Detective” (Sunday Mail 1990).

But some of it is undoubtedly due to hidden infections. As long ago as 1983 I was seeing severe autism cases, where the condition had started within days of a measles jab (I say measles with certainty because in those days measles was not combined in MMR). I went on radio in the 80s, reporting this association with measles vaccine. I was probably the first in the world to spot it and go public.

Then Dr. Andrew Wakefield set the scientific world on fire by reporting that he had found rogue measles virus (the vaccination strain) in the bowel of autism kids.

But there are other possible pathogens that have been discovered. I’ll tell you about these in the book but I can share with you: it’s more “Fire In The Belly”. It’s a very real problem and much further upstream than looking just at neurological changes in autism.

I’ll tell you the whole story, in layman’s terms. It’s absolutely riveting science.

And now it's available as a printed book, shipped right to your door!

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Auto-Immune Diseases

One of the perils of this destructive “Fire in the Belly” is the epidemic—yes,  epidemic—of autoimmune diseases we find today. These are diseases where the body attacks and damages its own tissues. Talk about “friendly fire”!

It’s the immune response gone haywire. The immune system has been upset and confused by the mixture of signals it gets from our lousy habits and lifestyle.

Food allergy is an example: that’s reached beyond epidemic proportions. I’m on record with the BBC (back in the 1980s, mind you!) as saying it’s almost universal today.

The immune system should not be attacking the foods we eat. But then we shouldn’t be eating what we do! It’s not the immune system’s fault; it’s our obsession with foods like wheat, milk, tea, coffee, sugar and corn. Time and time again, these everyday foods turn up as the #1 causes of “fire in the belly”.

Such foods do not belong in our diet, which essentially should be that of a hunter-gatherer.

Poisonous Metals

You maybe didn’t think of toxic heavy metals, like mercury, arsenic and lead, as causes of “fire in the belly”. But you would be wrong. The liver is our major detox organ and it does the best it can at catching and eliminating these poisonous metals.

But it was designed to excrete them into bile and so out into the intestines, where they would be voided, along with other toxins.

Unfortunately, these toxic metals inflame the intestinal lining, which then malfunctions and become “leaky”, meaning that they can’t stop re-absorbing the toxic heavy metals.

So these toxins go back into the blood stream, circulate again and the liver has to get rid of them all over again. It’s a vicious cycle, which the liver cannot escape without help from you.

In this book I’ll reveal to you the secret of how we break this vicious cycle and stop overwhelming our livers. Frankly, if you don’t do it the correct way, you’ll make everything MUCH WORSE.

You cannot afford to be ignorant in this deadly game.

You need my book FIRE IN THE BELLY, to save your own life and help those around you, by learning to damp down and extinguish this murderous “Fire in the Belly”.

No Question: You Need This Book!

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Over 80% of our immune system resides in the gut
  • Why the intestines are the prime area for these inflammatory outbreaks
  • Key symptoms that point to chronic inflammation
  • Why the symptoms are so diverse and confusing that most doctors miss the diagnosis
  • The concept of “shock” organs (where it strikes)
  • The diverse and amazing effects of brain inflammation
  • Why tiny genetic variants in genes play such a major part in creating “fire in the belly”
  • How the genes and metabolic capabilities of trillions of microbes on and in our bodies can and do tell our body what to do! (fascinating cutting-edge science)
  • How leaky gut really happens (and it's not what you thought)
  • Plus, of course, how to quench the fire.
  • I’ll teach you how to eliminate “fire foods”.
  • How to quieten down inflammation, using proper nutrients.
  • How to eliminate inflammatory toxic metals, like mercury and lead, without doing further damage to your already fragile immune system.
  • How to rebuild a friendly colony of helpful bacteria, even after you damaged it with antibiotics and unwise eating habits.
  • I even tell you the ultimate probiotic: eating sh*t from a healthy donor (it’s called a fecal transplant)
  • I’ll tell you why washing your hands and being hygienic is killing people in the developed world (the immune system is not stimulated and soon fails altogether)

This book is not only loaded with life-saving information: it’s one of the most fascinating studies you’ll ever read, with amazing new science discoveries.

The whole world of medicine is changing and—at last—doctors are grasping that Nature’s own way works best. That the way to heal, truly heal, is do it her way and not whack the body with drugs that have countless unforeseen side effects.

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We all know about magnesium, omega-3s, aloe vera and other ways to quieten down inflammation. But the mushrooms and fungi often get forgotten.

Recently I did an interview with Eric Cerecedes, a mycology wizard (mycology is the study of mushrooms and fungi).

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Or finally (best choice), you can have BOTH for just $10 extra.

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PS. Chronic doesn't mean it won't heal. It will if you do what I tell you in this book!


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